What does the Bible say about the future, the afterlife, judgment and the end of the world? This class will delve into this “study of last things,” called “Eschatology.”  Bob Bernard, retired pastor, teaches this class on Sunday nights, at 5:30.

Class notes are posted below:

Lesson 1. Fulfilled Prophecy

Lesson 2: Old Testament View of Future Events

Lesson 3. Day of the Lord in Joel and Zephaniah

Lesson 4. Daniel 9.24-27 study guide

Lesson 5. Matthew 24

Lesson 6: The Rapture  and Revelation Outline

Lesson 7: Studies concerning future events

Lesson 8: The Second Advent

Lesson 9: New Heaven and New Earth

Lesson 10: The Eternal Kingdom and Millennium

Lesson 11:

Lesson 12: